Tuesday, April 14, 2015

examining darkness.

Examining Darkness

May 7th - 29th

so, here's the reason for my lack of posting lately - I've been killing myself for the last three months curating my next gallery show, and I'm finally able to announce it.

examining darkness features a diverse array of artists whose works all approach darkness, both internal and external, in different ways. The outcome, however, is always cathartic and cleansing, and presents a renewed sense of faith in the self and the organic order of nature.

in addition to existing works by polynoid and susi sie, I'm proud to be exhibiting new digitally-manipulated photographs from fellow tisch school of the arts graduate alex schaefer, as well as two new short films from david hall, the man behind handshake, inc.

david commissioned mick barr, guitarist for krallice and orthrelm, to compose scores to both of his films, and mick will be performing these scores live at the show's debut on may 7th at 7p.


this was all a huge undertaking, unlike anything else I've ever produced, but I couldn't be happier with how it's all turned out.

I hope anyone in the new york area will come out, see the art, witness the musical performance, and say hello.

both david hall and alex schaefer will be on hand to mingle and discuss their respective works with attendees, plus there's free wine and beer, as always.

the incredible unartig will also be there to film the performance for anyone who can't make it, and I'll be sure to share the video once it's available.

feel free to comment or shoot me an email if you'd like any additional info.

for every event or show that I put on, I try to create something that I'd want to go to even if I had no affiliation whatsoever with anyone involved.

and although bias is impossible to escape, I'd like to think that I hit that goal with this show.

I sincerely hope to see some of you there.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

dhampyr - oceanclots (bonus tape).

Dhampyr - Oceanclots (Bonus Tape)


73.78 MB

1. Midstreet, Midstream, Midmorning, Middlemarch
2. The Bytter Teres Dothe Me Constrayne All Tho That I Wold Not Yt Eschew
3. Wyth Syghes Depe My Harte Ys Prest Durying Off Great Paynes
4. Hiccoughing Tapwater Etude
5. Tropic Of Oncology
6. The Boxcar Suicides
7. Untitled Piss

this is a rip of the bonus tape that was included in the deluxe edition of dhampyr's oceanclots - a set that also contains bones, false teeth, and a whole lot of seashells.

seriously...lots and lots of seashells.

moving on...these tracks don't seem to be available anywhere else, and since this blog has been sorely lacking in the black metal department lately, I thought I'd share them.

also, this deluxe edition is long-gone.

my friend ben over at black metal and brews wrote a review of the standard edition of oceanclots, and I don't have a whole lot more to add...definitely surpassed my expectations and, in my opinion, it's the best acephale winter release yet.

the deluxe edition is a really great package, easily one of the best so far this year. the lyrics are particularly interesting...I can't tell if they're brilliant, pretentious, or both.

but although I'm leaning toward the latter, that doesn't mean they're not worth reading.

and this second tape is a great compliment to the regular album - anyone into atmospheric black metal should find something there to appreciate...which should be most of you.

really, check it out. the regular cassette version is still available, as is the CD version.


*side note: I know, I haven't been posting a lot lately...been working on a really great event that'll be announced soon...probably early next week...more regular posting should resume after the debut on 5/7. thanks for bearing with me...

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

various artists - broken shells mirrored in the water.

Various Artists - Broken Shells Mirrored In The Water


42.91 MB

1. (intro)
2. V. Sinclair - The Stones Glisten At Dawn
3. Fingering Eve - Sand Of Cadaqués
4. RVH - From Water Does All Life Begin
5. Cremation Lily - Fluid Freedom
6. (outro)

vaguely melodic drones are on full display here in the second compilation from strange rules.

it's all very soothing and ambient, perfect for clearing your head after the usual brutality we all listen to.

and it'll be summer soon (hopefully) and this is perfect for warm, carefree summer evenings.

a setting sun.

haze hanging in the sky.

distant laughter.

all memories yet to happen.

this music is perfect for eliciting that sense of youthful nostalgia.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

the ebony tower - the virgin suicides.

The Ebony Tower - The Virgin Suicides


125.49 MB + 100.12 MB + 125.57 MB + 138.4 MB

1. Therese: Sleeping Pills
2. Bonnie: Hanging
3. Mary: Sleeping Pills
4. Cecilia: Impalement
5. Lux: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

my favorite literary HNW project is back with another crushing, monumental release, this time dedicated to jeffrey eugenides' novel, the virgin suicides.

although not quite as lengthy as the 1Q84 box set, this one clocks in at nearly four and a half hours, so it's not easily digested, either.

but as with all ebony tower releases, it's very meditative and contemplative, with wave after wave of textures that all prove to be incredibly hypnotic.

it's all very cohesive, and there's great packaging as well - but that should be expected from an altar of waste release.

copies are still in stock via the link below, so be sure to pick one up.

highly recommended - another excellent release from a consistently excellent artist on a consistently excellent label.

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(disc three.)

(disc four.)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

purity of essence - smířit.

Purity Of Essence - Smířit


90.99 MB

1. Brotherhood 1989
2. Atlantic (Hydrocodone Dream)
3. Bound by Biological Indifference Pt. 1
4. Bound by Biological Indifference Pt. 2

here we have a brand new collection of industrial drones and destruction from the founder of unseen force - who's also responsible for painted woman - released by australia's mazurka editions.

it's gloomy and overcast in brooklyn today, and these ominous compositions match that mood perfectly.

double cassette, packaged in a heavy-duty vinyl case with artwork printed on vellum paper, in an edition of only twenty-two copies.

mazurka flew under my radar for way too long, but I'm glad they were finally brought to my attention. great aesthetic and really solid sounds from unfamiliar artists...to me, at least.

these are all sold out from the label, but maybe unseen force will get a copy or two.

what unseen force does have right now, however, is a new purity of essence tape that's being billed as a "companion piece" to this set, so grab that via the link below before it's long-gone.

(buy the companion piece from unseen force.)

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Monday, March 9, 2015

cremation lily & false moniker - the treasury painted roof.

Cremation Lily & False Moniker - The Treasury Painted Roof


45.29 MB

1. The Treasury Painted Roof
2. Jesus Chapel
3. The Renewal Of Our Faith
4. The Panels Behind The Altar

more excellence from total black, although this one was originally released on strange rule about a year ago...but great things from either label shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

church bells, soft synths, caustic vocals, and power electronics - what more could anyone want?

this new total black version features different artwork from the original strange rules release and it's very much in line with the total black aesthetic.

all in all, an excellent release that harkens back to cremation lily's more sonically destructive origins. those power electronics tempered with false moniker's calming synths make for a really fantastic combination.

highly recommended. copies are still available from unseen force via the link below.

don't miss it.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

the rita - gamzatti.

The Rita - Gamzatti


52.21 MB

1. Untitled
2. Untitled

as total black's first vinyl release, I couldn't of anyone or anything more fitting than a new release from the rita.

featuring source recordings taken from ballet dancers' shoes, sam mckinlay has created his most cohesive, hypnotic work yet, and I just love it.

there are so many great textures here, it's great to see his work continue to evolve. mckinlay could've easily grown complacent and chosen to churn out generic wall after generic wall, but he doesn't. there's real care and craftsmanship put into this record and it shows.

the same goes for brett over at total black - he put so much thought and detail into making this record a reality, above and beyond the call of duty. great design and great supplemental materials - posters, full-color booklets, everything here coalesces into the perfect example of why he runs the best noise label around.

I don't know how, but copies are still available directly from the source.

buy one right now.

(buy a copy from total black.)

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